"OMA" is a creative agency for artists working in the field of augmented reality artwork (AR.T)

We provide a framework for a new format that links analogue & digital art, in order to curate what is to become the next generation of technological visual artistic expression.

We believe that artists of digital art are entitled to  receive royalties from monetization of their works just like owners of digital music. We know what's it like to be an underpaid artist, We know how to manage digital music rights.  We know all about what to do, but more important what not to do.

Our vision is to make digital art as accessible as music online and as affordable as a streaming subscription fee. We lay the cornerstones for a fair blockchain-based ecosystem that can give artists control over their works and leave them with more income.  

We are creating projects that bring together artists from all walks of life to create AR.T that generates money and leads to interaction between artists from all around the world.