We have partnered with a technology company called Artivive -

that brings art to life in AR (augmented reality) over mobile devices,

potentially allowing digital content & web-based references to be triggered by visual art found at museums, galleries & in public spaces.


Together we spread the AR.T Love.

We also support "Nephilim" - a network dedicated to AR.T (Augmented Reality Art Works).   Drawing / erasing / covering / hiding & extending are all parts of an endless movement in the world of street art.  This provides a playground for a new analog-digital medium that has yet to be born.


Rena's House

Rena’s House was originally built in 1954 by David Zimand in honor of his loving wife Rena. The House was built to service  the textile industry and housed small textile factories, designers and merchants. 

Today Rena's House is a boutique hotel and houses artists that share work space, recording studios and fashion boutiques. 

Together we will  launch the first AR.T exhibition in Israel

Fly Gelada

Gelada is an illustration, design, production and culture collaboration studio, based in Tel Aviv.  

They create their our own tees, prints & other paraphernalia, designing them as souvenirs from destinations around the globe.

Together we create a line of AR.Tshits


The Berlin-based IMRSV Arts creates participatory art experiences, where curator, artist, and viewer all come together to explore unique, creative concepts using technology-based art.


Together we bring the AR.T vision to Berlin.


Tel Aviv-based Susie (formally known as "Susie's Art Bay") is an artist's space with private studios, live performance & art events.

Together we have brought OMA to life.

Susie is also our headquarters.


iArtists is a network & community of plastic art artists in Israel. Their mission is to support artists  togather & share crucial information relevant to artists living & working in IL.


We have teamed together to share our networks and develop collaborative reletionships between 

our artist communities.