are you a visual artist? animator? painter?

if you dig the concept and want to participate in our next exhibition - 

"Rena'ssaince" at Rena's House boutique hotel and art workspace - 

check out the details inside the open calls below.

Stop for Motion Festival

stop for motion is a street art festival of AR.t works -

triggered by stop signs from all over the world

making the signs get in motion.

Open calls coming soon...

Fading Walls

the technological post graffiti era of street art is an big opportunity not just for AR.t artists but for graffiti artists who want to preserve and sustain their works in the AR space for an eternal digital life.

Open calls coming soon...

Train AR.t

for 1 month, some of the most interesting train stations in the world will turn into an AR.t gallery with changing content - creating a dynamic ongoing AR.t event that will include art exchange between different cities...

Open calls coming soon...